What is AIR?

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Athletics and Music Take Teamwork

AIR is Athletic-based Interprofessional Rounds is a patient-centered rounding system that applies championship athletic and symphony orchestra principles to health care. We are applying the lessons learned by the University of Florida’s music school and premier football, basketball, and volleyball coaches to the care of our patients. For our health system we previously called this system Gatorounds, but not everyone is a Gator and we realized a less institution-based name was preferable explaining the name change.

Patient-centered care graphic
AIR uses the scientific method and the patient’s viewpoint to continually improve

Our approach is also guided by Toyota Production System or Lean adapted to healthcare, called Patient-centered Healthcare Design (PHD). We are applying the scientific method like a PhD to continually improve our rounding system while always looking through the eyes of our patients. 

Our goals:

  1. A team approach to patient care focusing on the patient as the team owner.
  2. Participation of bedside nurses, case manager, and pharmacist in work round management decisions.
  3. Emphasis on spending time communicating with each patient with the bedside nurse present (rounds in the room when possible)
  4. Work rounds consistently under 2 hours. This requires:
    – Succinct and highly targeted verbal communication protocols that are problem based.
    – Proper allocation of time for all patients (approximate allocation per patient = 120 min/patient number. Takt time)
    – Improved patient flow by planning discharges the night before and having the attending see the patients before work rounds to assure discharge by 10 AM.
    – Ordering of new tests and procedures etc at the bedside using the portable computer or computer tablet.
  5. Everyone must understand their specific role on the team (eliminates duplication of work)
  6. It takes teamwork to achieve the highest standards of care: