Game Plan

Schedule (Appropriate timing of all activities)
8AM-12:30 PM

8-10AM Follow up old cases (attending will suggest most important follow ups, attending should discuss followups between 8:30-9:30 or the night before)

10-12:30 AM Workup new consults (maximum consults 5/day)

  • Fellow primary responsibility with close communication with attending
  • Performs & assigns new consults to residents and nurse practioner
  • Works up patients with the students

–    Follow ups.
o    Heavy consultation load, attending performs follow-ups on his or her own (> 4 consults)
o    Lighter load, fellow sees writes notes, summarizes verbally to attending & attending sees the follow up alone (any differences in findings etc can be discussed on attending rounds, and such patients seen by the team as a group)
Attending Rounds
–    1:00-1:30 PM: Teaching session in R2-133, select one or two of best consultation cases. Students and residents present when possible.
–    1:30-4:00 PM:  Present additional new cases seen on the floor. Follow ups can be presented verbally and the attending can see follow ups on his or her own as above. (Students and Residents should leave by 5 PM)
–    4:00-6:30 PM: Afternoon consults and clean up. If called in after 1PM usually can be seen next day, unless acutely ill. (except for extreme circumstances fellow should leave by 7 PM)