Infectious Diseases Fellow Playbook

The ID Fellow is primarily responsible for running the team. In consultation with the attending makes sure that the workload is properly distributed (fellow, residents, students, nurse practitioner). The Faculty has very high expectations for the fellows and we want you to be among the very best!

  • Responsible for informing the attending of all new consults and all management issues. Works very closely with the attending.
  • In addition to working up new cases the fellow should also follow up previous cases. This usually should be done from 8-9:30 AM each morning.  On old cases review VS including temp, WBC, other pertinent lab data, and microbiology. By 9:30 should check in by phone or in person with the Attending to create a work plan for the day. 
  • Primarily responsible for all new consults. The fellow is expected to obtain a history and examine all new consults seen by the students.
  • Assigns cases to residents, 4th year students, and nurse practitioner (Keeps the most complicated cases for him or herself)
  • Picks instructive cases for the 4th years students to workup and follow
  • Emphasizes constant communication
  • Encourages collaborative management of all cases
  • Plays a major role in teaching the students and residents
  • Should show evidence of reading the literature and include this information as part of their discussion of the case on rounds
  • Responsible for presentations at management conference (when possible assigns case presentations to the 4th year students). During these presentations a review of the pathogenesis of the disease with evidence of a review of the current literature is expected.
  • Presents Journal club 2-4 times per year. This exercise should emphasize your critical review of the study design, statistical analysis and a critical assessment of the validity of the study as well as the studies weaknesses.
  • Orchestrates the information from the requesting primary team, and communicates ID’s recommendations to the primary team
  • Arranges proper follow up for discharged patients
  • Closely monitors the residents and 4th year student performance. Early in the year, second checks and constant discussion are paramount
  • Keeps the training director appraised with regards to attending performance (following rounding schedule, sufficient teaching, respectful communication, creation of a collaborative atmosphere)
  • Expects and provides the highest quality care for his/her patients