ID Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner assists with consults and follow-ups.

  • Primarily performs follow-ups on cases with relatively simple problems that require straightforward management or chronically hospitalized patients with stable problems. Assignment of follow-ups must be commensurate with the nurse practioner’s expertise.  If in doubt the assignment should be cleared with the attending.
  • Performs consultations on simple problems such as cellulitis, osteomyelitis etc. Usually a maximum of one new consult per day, depending on the total number of consults (see Triage below). The attending must approve additional consults.
  • Should not perform consults on ICU patients or patients with complex problems requiring the generation of an extensive differential diagnosis, or cases that present complex management issues
  • Usually presents the new consultation and follow-ups to the attending during the hour before general rounds. If the nurse practioner is assigned a late consult, then presentations to the attending should be planned for a specific time and place (Example 3PM on 54).
  • When time permits, the nurse practioner is encouraged to attend general rounds with the fellow and students, and to actively participate in discussions.