Clinical Facilitator Playbook

Assistant Coach Shannon Wells
Shannon Wells Assistant Coach of the UF Woman’s Volleyball Team

Assistant Coach and Manager

You are both a coach who helps assure that all elements of rounds are included, and also serve like a manager helping the hospitalist to manage paper work, deliver forms and arrange for support staff as well as check on the progress of consults, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

  • Attends Work Rounds each weekday and encourages bedside rounds with a huddle around the bed, and computer entries during each patient encounter
  • Assure that each patient is acknowledged and he or she is iIntroduced to the doctor and nurse.
  • Facilitates TEMP (see Nursing playbook)
  • Fills out the doctor-patient communication form to assure that all patient questions are answered (see sample form below)
  • Recruits Bedside Nurses to participate on Rounds
  • Enters Red Flags documenting delays in care.
  • Contacts other Departments to clarify the status of orders and consults.
  • Arranges Interpreters.
  • Delivers prescriptions and other paperwork to patients
  • Arranges doctor’s notes that are required to excuse patients from work and school.


Doctor-patient communication form
Doctor-patient communication form assures all questions are answered.