Hospitalist Rounds

Football huddle
The Huddle – Flattens the hierarchy, encourages sharing of ideas, assures a shared mental model.
  • In order to achieve the maximum benefits of having all patients on one floor it will be important that the activities of everyone on the floor be coordinated. When meetings are random and by chance the coordination of care is compromised, and delays in care are likely.
  • If everyone is predictable in how they work this allows each member of the team to adjust their workflow, enhancing efficiency and communication. This requires the creation of playbooks that outline the performance expectations of each team member
  • When effectively organized, multidisciplinary rounds in the patient’s room can shorten length of stay, reduce readmissions, and improve both provider and patient satisfaction..
  • When the patient, bedside nurse, pharmacist and the case manager all understand the plans for the day there is no need for pages or phone calls to the physician.
  • By joining together in a huddle around each patient’s bed the team creates a shared mental model, and can problem solve. In addition, the huddle can be used to educate each patient about her illness and treatment, and to clearly explain the plan for the day.