Home Health Aid (HHA)

Home health aid
(Home Health Aid (Flickr Direct Relief)

Home Health Aid (HHA) usually spends the most time with the patient.

  • The offensive line or front line of care. You provide the majority of care
  • You are eyes and ears of the team
    • Should continually communicate with your team members that may include a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician, and case manager
    • For complicated patients a face to face or virtual (online) huddle can be the most effective way to share information to assure that everyone has the same shared mental model.  A huddle can also facilitate problem solving
  • Takes vital signs
  • Provides or assists with routine personal care often guided by management plans created by the Case Manager, RN, PT, and OT :
    • Bathing
    • Dressing and Grooming
    • Skin care
    • Toileting
    • Preparing meals
    • Assist in range of motion exercises and walking
    • Transferring from bed to chair
    • Feeding
    • Reminding patient to take his or her medications
    • Making and changing beds
    • Light cleaning including vacuuming and dusting
    • Teaching home management and safety (fall prevention very important)
  • Warm and empathetic care is critical.
  • Be patient and understanding, many patients are frustrated and may be intermittently confused