ED Game Plan

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Know your game plan

Our goals:

  1. Nurse, physician attending and resident will preliminarily evaluate the patient together at the bedside (swarm).
  2. Resident and/or attending physician will communicate the treatment plan and anticipated disposition with all members of the team, including the patient.
  3. The physicians and nurse will make every effort to round on the patient as soon as they arrive in the room.
  4. Rounding will be clear, concise, and problem based.  SBAR will be used for ongoing communication within the team. Patient feedback will be encouraged and incorporated into rounds.

Roles of the team members:

  1. All players on the team are directly responsible for the patient’s care and will. All team members are required to assess patient’s needs simultaneously and discuss the recommended treatment plan with the patient / family. Additional discussions may occur in front of the patients, or outside the treatment area, as deemed appropriate by the team. If there are additional needs, resources can be requested by any player by communicating these needs to the coaches.
  2. Coaches are there to support the players. They will do so by ensuring that the correct number and type of players are available to properly care for the patients. Coaches are responsible for ensuring any additional resources that are needed to provide optimal care.  If there is any breakdown in the system that requires intervention, the coach will intervene and resolve the issue.

Internal Players

  • Providers / Attendings / nurses / CCT / ST / MST  / Security / Housekeeping / Transportation / Admissions / SW / Volunteers

External Players

  • Consulting Services  / Radiology / Laboratory / House staff / Unit Nursing Staff / law enforcement / EMS / nutritional Services


  • Charge Nurses in Emergency Department who do not have a patient assignment

Team Owner

  • Each patient is encouraged to take an active interest in his / her care.