ED Resident Playbook

Running back Mike Gillislee gaining yardage against University of Kentucky
Running back Mike Gillislee gaining yardage against University of Kentucky

You are the running back and primarily carry the ball. You are the primary physician caretaker for the patients on the team.

  • Should accompany the nurse (and when time permits the attending) during the initial encounter with the patient.
  • Responsible for the initial evaluation of the patient. Once this evaluation is complete presents the case to the attending and together with the attending creates a management plan.
    • Presents succinctly using the SBAR communication tool (See Communication Protocols section)
  • Once the management plan has been created (when time permits with the attending present at the bedside) relays this plan to the nurse and patient at the bedside.
    • Make sure the nurse understands your management plan. Remember the nurse is your customer and if he/she doesn’t understand the management plan your patient will not receive the care that you intended.
    • Be open to questions from both the nurse and the patient.
  • Writes clear and concise ER notes that objectively document the subjective and objective findings and creates a differential diagnosis, orders the diagnostic tests and creates a treatment plan that reflects the deliberations of the team.
  • Closely communicates with each patient and is aware of all their concerns. Keeps the patient informed as to the progress of their diagnostic studies and treatment.
  • Expects and provides the highest possible care for his/her patient