ED Nurse Playbook

Football players running
The front line is the key to winning!

You are the front line. You are the team’s primary link to the patient. You do the heavy lifting. Without you there is no care!

  • Initially see the patient with the resident and when possible the attending
  • MUST BE CLOSELY LINKED TO THE PHYSICIANS IN YOUR TEAM and participate on physician work rounds through HUDDLES
  • Feel free to make suggestions for improvement (remember communication needs to be horizontal). You must feel safe to express your views without retribution.
  • Constantly communicate with the patient and family. Keeps the patient informed as to the progress of their diagnostic studies and treatment.
  • Give medications by mouth and intravenously
  • Documents input and output and monitor vital signs
  • Remember you are the physicians’ customers and the physicians must supply clear and timely orders. If you don’t understand the treatment plan you must ask questions on rounds.
  • The physicians are also your customers, and using SBAR you should relate changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Expects and provides the highest possible care for his/her patients