Pharmacist Playbook

Dave Boos

  • David Boos Associate Coach Women’s Volleyball

The Pharmacist – You are like an assistant or associate coach. You are the team’s primary link to pharmacy services and the medication use process. Actively participates on rounds when medication issues arise.

  • Assist with Medication:- Distribution ensuring patients receive prescribed medications and report when patients medications are held or refused per nursing MAR- Selection (i.e. antibiotics, antihypertensive, hyperglycemic agents), dosing (i.e. geriatric, renal or liver dosing), monitoring- Reconciliation and IV to PO conversions
  • Reports adverse drug events such as medication variances in the computer data base reporting system and adverse drug reactions to the drug information center
  • Communicates any medication related concerns to Intern or resident if intern not available as well as to the PCRM. When possible discuss these issues on work rounds.
  • Provides medication information: medication formulations, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles including pharmacokinetic consults, contraindications / warning / precautions, adverse side effects and presents these on work rounds or teaching rounds. Can provides medication related topic presentations to the team upon request.
  • Works with Patient Care Manager  to create a medication regimen that is best suited for the patients home care plan prior to discharge. And provides discharge counseling for patients identified as high risk.